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At Wicked Ways Tattoos we do things differently than other shops. Here we work with our clients budgets. We don’t price tattoos or work hourly. Some artists are faster than others, as well as the difference in their abilities. That being said, it would not be fair to charge a client more for a tattoo simply because their artist may be slower than another or pay less to an artist because he may be faster than another. Either way, a client should be paying for their artists’ ability to accomplish what they are looking for in their tattoo, not their time. This way, you as the client can feel comfortable with what you are spending on your tattoo and we as artists will feel comfortable with the amount of work we will actually be doing for you.

Budget Friendly Tattoo Artist in San Antonio

When our clients come in with their ideas, we as artist are already thinking of the coolest things we can do with your design and tattoo but that doesn’t mean that you as a client want to spend as much as our vision of your idea may cost. Your spending limit helps us by giving us boundaries on the complexity and size on your design.

We look forward to working with you for your next tattoo.