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Wicked Ways Tattoos – Best Piercing Shops in San Antonio

Our biggest goal is providing the best possible experience for every one of our clients. That being said we do ask for you to be prepared. These next few things are extremely beneficial in aiding a successful and more pleasurable experience.

  1. Be rested. Plenty of sleep is highly recommended for overall wellness.
  2. Have a nice well rounded meal. Keeping your blood sugar levels up is very important.
  3. Stay well hydrated.

All clients must have a valid government or state issued ID. (I.E., State ID, Military ID, Passport, Driver’s License.)
ALL MINORS wishing to get pierced must bring a valid Birth Certificate, Photo ID, and MUST have a consenting parent (With a Photo ID) present during the entire procedure.
Minors 15 and up can receive most piercings with large gauge cartilage and intimate areas being excluded. No exceptions.
Minors 14 and under can only receive standard earlobe piercings.
Aftercare Sheet will be provided after each piercing is completed.

Below is a List of the Piercings San Antonio That We Offer

piercings san antonio - wicked ways tattoos

EAR – Standard Helix (Ear Cartilage), Ear Lobe(s), Tragus, Rook, Daith, Forward Helix, Conch, Industrial, Orbital, Snug, Anti-Tragus.
FACIAL – Lip, Labret, Philtrum, Inverted Labret, Vertical Labret, Vertical Philtrum, Nostril, High Nostril, Septum, Eyebrow, Bridge.
ORAL – Tongue, Smiley, Frowney
SURFACE – Dermal Anchors, Surface Barbells
OTHER – Navel, Nipples
GENITAL – Please call for a phone consultation for Male and Female genital piercings.
Please Call For Piercings San Antonio Pricing