Best Tattoo Artists in San Antonio

warrior-718747_640When it comes to tattoos parlors in San Antonio, you are not going to find a better team of artists and staff than at Wicked Ways Tattoos. With dozens of years of combined experience among our staff, there is nowhere better to get your first, second, tenth or hundredth tattoo in all of San Antonio.


Skilled Hands and a Great Time

There simply isn’t a single art style or approach that we can’t do for you. Everything from portraits and full back tattoos to classic designs and pop art, we’re up to the challenge to get your ink done and looking crisp. And if you do happen to be looking to get your first tattoo, Wicked Ways will help ease any anxiety and be patient in the process. We’re not going to lie, getting a tattoo can hurt (and hurt a lot depending on where you might want to get it), but that doesn’t mean the experience needs to be a negative one. We’ve all been there and are glad to help make your visit as memorable and fun as you can have in a tattoo parlor.


A Safe Tattoo Parlor

Still, even with a mountain of talent behind the tattoo guns in our shop, there is one thing we hold more important than anything else: Our clients’ safety and peace of mind. We adhere strictly to all industry and local safety regulations and then some. Here at Wicked Ways Tattoos, you can rest assured that your health and comfort are an integral part of our operation. Our location is also kept diligently clean with our tools and rest pads and benches receiving special care and thorough sanitation.

Don’t get stuck with a tattoo made with cheap inks, reused needles or done by an unsure artist. For the best tattoos in San Antonio, look no further than Wicked Ways.


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