What to Prepare Before Getting Tattooed

tattooed-718743_640If you are all too crazy about tattoos, stoked to get your 6th one or a novice excitedly on the scout but cautious to have your first ink, you have to consider the fact that getting permanently inked is a major milestone in your life. You cannot afford to be obsessive compulsive and take the plunge without doing some thinking.

Getting a tattoo is much like getting a minor medical procedure. There are several things to consider on or before the onset of picking that phone to get an appointment to Wicked Ways, expectations you should have during the process of your skin being penetrated by rapidly moving needles, and the aftercare of the open wound you just have acquired.


Prepare yourself – your body, your mind

  • Get yourself hydrated, but a No-No on getting drunk or drinking heavily before your appointment date. Water, not Beer!
  • Get enough sleep. Yes you are too excited but you need that sleep to prepare yourself for the battle. Eat before your session. You will not like passing out because of hunger. Pain management is better with a full stomach.
  • Make sure you have enough money to cover for the cost of the tattoo, tip, snacks or bottled water you might need during or after getting your ink done.
  • Make up your mind on the design that you fancy. Bring a printed copy or you can email it directly to wickedwaystattoos@hotmail.com.
  • If it happened that you chicken out but you know in your heart you need to get that tattoo, just inform us right away to reschedule.


During the Big Session

  • Wear a comfortable set of clothing with easy access to the part where you want your tattoo. And bring a jacket to keep you warm just in case you feel cold during the process as it happens most of the time.
  • Brush your teeth, take a shower, be a considerate and hygienic customer.
  • Bring music and earphones, a camera and one or two support persons. But please don’t bring the whole family.
  • Expect that it will hurt a bit, or a lot. It is going to take you some guts in pursuing this dream of being cool and getting inked.


The Aftercare

  • Ask your tattoo artist on the recommended lotion or cream for your tattoo.
  • Keep the area wrapped to avoid dirt and infection.
  • Clean it with antibacterial soap within an hour or two and then apply the aftercare cream.
  • Make sure to air it.
  • Wrap your tattoo when wearing clothes that might rub or irritate it.
  • Tattoo healing may take up some weeks to a month so make sure that you give the proper care for it.

Having a tattoo is going to be for the whole of your life so it needs to be thought about thoroughly. Remember that good tattoos are not cheap and cheap tattoos are not good.


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