The Most Popular Types of Tattoos

tattoo-artist-556036_640Psyched about getting some new ink, but not sure what to get next? Maybe you’ve already got one or two spots filled on your body or maybe this is your first tattoo: it doesn’t matter! It’s never too late to get another professional tattoo. Below are a few of the different types of ink you can expect to see around the shop.


1 – Portrait Tattoos

Some artists would argue that portrait tattoos are the hardest to master. Others might say the opposite, but at the end of the day there is no denying that a well-down portrait tattoo is something you’re proud to wear for the rest of your life. Many people choose portrait tattoos to memorialize loved ones, show their support for a role model, or just have a particularly wicked portrait in mind that they want on their skin. There’s no “wrong” reason to get a portrait tattoo.

Portrait tats usually need to be a certain size, which means no tiny spots on the ankles, wrists, or behind the ears. You need a good portion of free skin available or the artist can’t capture all of the details that make the portrait come to life. Most portrait tattoos are done using fine line techniques and applying shading where needed.


2 – Grayscale Tattoos

Also known as “Black and White” or “Black and Gray” tattoos. The idea is fairly simple: no color is used. There are many different reasons a person might get a tattoo like this. For one, people with darker skin have a harder time taking color tattoos as the ink tends to fade away quickly. The same goes for people who spend too much time in the sun. Not all colors can manage to stand the test of time, so people choose black and gray tattoos so they don’t have to worry about fading.

A tattoo without any color can still be a complex, beautiful, and entirely wicked ordeal. It takes a lot of skill to replace expected colors with various shades of gray. When done right, it’s definitely something worth showing off.


3 – Anything Else You Can Think Of

The great thing about tattoos is that your imagination is the limit. The two categories above are only the start. You have color tattoos, tribal tattoos, “cheese work”, cover up tattoos, calligraphy tattoos, and even tribal tattoos. If you don’t know where to start, try looking at an online album or taking a walk inside an actual tattoo parlor.


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