Tonee – 1604/Babcock Location

Tattoo Artist

My name is Tonee Vas. I have been tattooing a little over 10 years now. When it comes to tattooing, I love a challenge and setting the bar is something I’m known for. In the years I have been tattooing I have seen a lot of great tattoos, but twice as many terrible ones. I’ve offered my services to fix and complete as many as I can. A “Tattoo Mechanic” so to speak. I enjoy putting smiles on my clients faces, letting them know that someone cares and I pride myself on that. In the early years of my career I started off doing all sorts of styles. Custom art is my forte. I love the idea of everyone getting a different tattoo with every visit. I’ve always dreamt of a shop that had versatility in art as well as great customer service and now that it’s come true, I am able to live happy doing what I love to do.

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