Low- Stone Oak Location

Tattoo Artist

Hey, this is Low a 41-year-old tattoo artist who has been tattooing over 15 years. I’ve been through many changes in my life but one thing that has never changed and that is my passion is for tattooing. I was an accountant for many years for several multi-milliondollar companies. A change was never an issue, I strive to create a comfortable and welcoming experience with whatever I do.

My passion for art came at a very young age watching my mother and a very close cousin “Mikey”. They were so talented and passionate for art that I loved was watching them create beautiful art out of absolutely nothing was amazing to me. I picked up art at the age of 3 years old. Doing everything from freehand drawing to tracing an image, anything to get better at my art. My passion for black and grey tattoos is huge but I can very much as well do color tattoos with no problem. Working at Wicked Ways Tattoos, I am still creating art for my clients on a daily basis. After owning three tattoo shops and tattooing for this long, I still wake up every day ready to do it again, the fire runs deep for me. It’s about the passion and the thought of bringing someone’s idea to life. Come on in and let’s create something awesome today.

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