Danny Smith – Location: Stone Oak

Wicked Ways Tattoo Artist

Danny Smith is a Multi-Award-Winning Tattoo Artist with over 26 years of experience.
Specializing in Bio-Mechanical and Cover-ups Danny has mastered black and grey as well as realism. He maintains a large portfolio with a wide range of styles and techniques that he has mastered throughout his career.
I travel all over the United States for guest spots to continue learning and improving Techniques. Over the 22 years of Traveling and meeting many artists, I’ve come to realize that tattoos are genuinely a body alteration not just a-piece of art. The tattoo must fit you in every way (body placement, form, size, technique, and style) for it to truly take life. To allow every tattoo to take life each tattoo needs is uniquely designed and placed on each person. To reach that optimal experience I prefer to freehand, (custom draw) pieces so that it fits your personality, likes, as well as style.
Contact me today and let me know how I can help make your tattoo dreams come true!

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