4 Traits of a Reliable San Antonio Tattoo Artist

tattoo-376821_640Out of all the forms of body modification that you can get in the San Antonio area, it is easy to say that tattoos are the most permanent. Any tattoo that you choose to get will showcase the talent of your local tattoo artist and represent a piece of your personal history. Since a tattoo is going to follow you through your lifetime, it is important to pick the right tattoo artist to complete the work.

If you live in the San Antonio area, it is well worth taking a peek at the talented team of tattoo artists running Wicked Ways Tattoos. Regardless of the artist you choose to mark your skin, take a look at our list of four traits of a reliable tattoo artist below!


1 – Experience

It is safe to say that a good tattoo is not just the result of talent, but years of working in a tattoo shop. When you first decide to go out and get the tattoo of your dreams, it is always important to find an artist that has years of experience. There is nothing worse than ending up with a tattoo you simply can’t take back!


2 – Great Portfolio

A good artist will be proud of his or her work, and therefore, will have no trouble showing you a portfolio. Examples of past work are not only a great way for you to get acquainted with the artist’s personal style, but you will be able to check the designs for quality. When assessing the work, you have to consider that this tattoo is something you will have for a long time!


3 – Clean Work Habits

When working with needles, it is extremely important to do so in a sterile environment. Used needles could lead to infections or something far worse like a communicable disease. A great artist will work in a clean environment and will remove needles from a sealed package.


4 – Talent Fixing the Bad

It is always advisable to find an artist that can fix bad tattoos. Remember that tattoo you wish you didn’t get? The talented staff at Wicked Ways Tattoos can turn your amateur tattoo into a work of art.

Remember, most if not all body modifications are permanent and extremely painful to remove. When getting a tattoo, it is important to sit in the chair of a friendly and knowledgeable artist!


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